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Support for Discharged Patients: Accredited Education and Training for Ancillary Health Care (HWSETA-Level 1) and Community Health Care (HWSETA-Level 3)

With the HIV/AIDS pandemic and other devastating health problems affecting the populace of South Africa, there has been an increased need for trained health care service workers. That need motivated the Hospice to start a relevant Education and Training project in 2005. Through this project we train disadvantaged youth in courses related to the provision of healthcare through home-based care organisations, private care facilities and other like organisations. Since this project began, we have trained 2145 learners who now have employable skills and the opportunity to contribute to the delivery of home-based and other healthcare services in South Africa. In 2009/2010 we had a tender to train 520 Health Care Workers from the Department of Health, and 68 private learners funded by DJ Murray Trust, and 13 Part-ancillary from Topsy Foundation.

Within South Africa today, accredited training is important and beneficial. There are a number of youths in Gauteng who have been trained as care-givers by non-accredited colleges. This is a disservice not only to the learners but to South Africans as a whole, because it undermines the quality and effectiveness of our country’s health care services. As retired professional nurses, the previous Management team of Footprints Hospice) is extremely proud of the accredited training offered. They were committed to ensuring that the Education project not only provides practical skills but that it contributes to the personal and career growth of the learners as well. The training provided a stepping stone (career-pathing) for those interested in pursuing careers as nurses or social workers. The trainer’s mostly former nurses are an excellent resource for learners. The education and training responsibility has since been transferred to a sister organisation-Footprints Development Stratagies-an NPC. We had to register this to comply with the 2008 Company’s Act.